– May –
Check out this podcast on which Christopher explains the work on the translation or the synthesis of proteins

– March –
Take a look at the latest press releases as well as media coverage to our latest snythetic designer membraneless organelle paper on EMBL, JGU Mainz, New Scientist, Focus online, c&en news, Singularity hub.

Three highlights/perspectives were written about it on nature.com, pubs.acs.org as well as on F1000Prime

Read even more about snythetic designer membraneless organelles in these two FAZ articles:

f190405w.064 (1)


And another hand drawn artwork developed by Gemma and Giulia featuring the cover of Chem Com (collaboration with Kele lab)


– December –
Angewandte Cover features Gemma’s hand-drawn artwork of our Click-Paint technology

Check out our latest Angewandte paper on “Debugging Eukaryotic Genetic Code Expansion for Site-Specific Click-PAINT Super-Resolution Microscopy” that was featured as HOT paper

– October –
Joint Graeter and Lemke group video illustrating an ultradynamic binding mechanism in the Dark Proteome

Read the annoucement (English) to our latest paper (Nature Methods 2016) and a report in the Laborjournal (German only)

– August –
A special issue on the “exploding genetic code” guest edited by Edward has just been published. Read more on EMBL and Wiley Online Library

– April –
Read the latest article in Biophotonics magazine about the future of FRET, and some highlights about our own work

– January –
Read the EMBL press release about our new SWIFT technique


– September –
Obwohl die Einzelmolekülbeobachtung zum Standard geworden ist, erschwert das Fehlen geeigneter Fluoreszenz-Reportersysteme größere wissenschaftliche Durchbrüche. Wir zeigen auf, wie die Forschungsbereiche der chemischen Biologie und der Fluoreszenz-Nanoskopie sich gegenseitig beeinflussen können, um durch Synergie eine Zukunftstechnologie zu fördern, die die Lokalisierung, Struktur und Dynamik von molekularen Systemen ohne Einschränkungen sichtbar machen kann. Mehr auf git-labor.de und http://elemke.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/BIOforum.pdf